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 Evading the Orbit

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PostSubject: Evading the Orbit   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:13 pm

Title: Evading the Orbit
Author: TrampyVampies
Summary: Edward & Jasper are two anti-social college students who share a close & solitary friendship. When Jasper’s feelings grow, will Edward succumb to the pressure of high-expectation, or embrace his feelings and evade the orbit of conformity? E/J Slash AH/OOC
Rating: M

Why I'm rec'ing it: Alright, so, this story is only 3 chapters in, and moves very slowly, but I love it thus far. It deals with one of our boys coming to terms with his sexuality, and the author (who is fabulous) deals with the conflict that he feels wonderfully. It's always an undercurrent.

This one gets my pick on a good fic to pop your slash cherry with. Just sayin'.

She hasn't updated in a good while, but I have it on authority (read: I asked her) that she has a large portion of the story written and will begin updating soon.

Find it here: EtO on FFn


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Evading the Orbit
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