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 Darkward: In the Dark Contest

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PostSubject: Darkward: In the Dark Contest   Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:29 pm

Quote :
The "In the Dark" contest hopes to introduce darker concepts with the characters of the Twilight Saga, primarily Edward Cullen.

We all know and love a good Darkward story – and they undoubtedly do well within the Twific community. The hope of this contest is to promote further introduction of his character, and to hopefully have one-shots turn into, create, or inspire full-blown stories we can all enjoy.

The reason this contest is going on for so long is because we hope that you truly take time to develop an original and compelling storyline and dark themes.

Rules & Guidelines

1) Must be between 2,000 and 25,000 words, not including: headline, disclaimer, ANs, etc.
2) Must be a one-shot; must also remain a one-shot until voting end-date.
3) May or may not include smut (lemons, limes, etc); but, must be assigned an appropriate rating (most likely M rating, possibly T) for dark themes.
4) No entry limit. You may write as many as you'd like. Collaborations are allowed as well.
5) Almost anything goes - pairings, content, choices. (It does NOT need to be about Edward; we just like him more!) Strong graphic content is allowed, but use discretion. The hosts have full right to deny entries that are deemed inappropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: The main goal of this contest, other than for fun and to have more dark one-shots out there, is to encourage full-length dark fics! This means... if you would like to write a Prologue to a fic and use this contest as a form of momentum to it, if you'd like to write the first chapter of a fic for the same reason, if you want to do whatever as long as it will be dark and turned into a fic... you are more than welcome to do so!

-Please also make sure that the overall quality of the fic is good and legible. We suggest using a beta!

Time Frame

Contest Start Date: August 30th (Saturday) 11:59 PST (Do NOT post your story before this date. It won't be accepted. We want you to use a month just to think about a unique plot and write it!)

Contest End Date: October 31st (Saturday) 11:59 PST
Voting Start Date: November 2nd (Monday) 11:59 PST
Voting End Date: November 6th (Friday) 11:59 PST

-Voting may alter depending on number of submissions - rounds may be necessary.


To submit, the story must be posted on by the Contest End Date (October 31st, 11:59 PST). Your story should be added with the Headline provided below.

Once it is posted, please PM or Email us and we will:

A) add you to the C2,
B) add you to the Favorite Stories list,
C) add you to the Favorite Authors list, and
D) review the story with the three accounts.

Winners and Prizes

Three winners will be chosen. They will be selected by a blind poll, voted on by readers and reviewers.

First Place - One-shot of 5,000 words minimum; signature banner/story cover; mention on Darkdward's Dungeon
Second Place - One-shot of 3,000 words minimum; signature banner/story cover; mention on Darkward's Dungeon
Third Place - One-shot of 1,000 words minimum; signature banner/story cover; mention on Darkward's Dungeon

See the full FFn profile here.

See Darkward's Dungeon blog here.

Jen and I are collab'ing for this, though we may send our entry over to the other darkward contest, since it requires a vampward (I'll be posting about that in a minute). Also, Mel is working on an entry, methinks.

Get going, ladies!


*Jasper Lurks*, *FF* & LJ.
Team Edward all the way!
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PostSubject: Re: Darkward: In the Dark Contest   Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:36 pm

i cant wait to see what you gals come up with! I am actually foregoing this contest, seeking some other ventures such as Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy (because how could I resist that honestly?!)

but good luck to you alls!
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Darkward: In the Dark Contest
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