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 Darkward Vampfic Contest

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PostSubject: Darkward Vampfic Contest   Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:34 pm

Eeep. This one is just ... kind of awesome.

Quote :
Who doesn’t like their Edward a little dark?

Rules and Standards:

Must be a One-Shot and cannot be made into a multi-chapter story until after the contest is complete.

Must feature a “dark” Edward. EDWARD MUST BE A VAMPIRE.

Must be Edward x Bella. Other characters are welcomed in the story however the main pairing has to be ExB.
One-shot must contain a lemon.
No rape or incest. At all.
Minimum word count is set at 4K
Maximum word count is set at 15K

If you are not 18, you shouldn’t be reading or writing this stuff. If you are under 18 we will not accept your submission.

There is a limit of two submissions per author. (Collaborations are considered one entry for either author. For example: Author A and Author B write a collaboration together for the contest. Then Author A writes their own entry. Author A has used two allotted submissions. Author B is free to submit another entry however cannot be another collaboration with Author A.)

ONE SHOT MUST BE BETA’D. If you do not have a beta, contact Team Beta and they can assist you with finding one. You must state the name of your beta in the one shot details.

Collaborations are allowed.

There is no specifics on POV. 3rd person POV, EPOV, BPOV…whatever you want.


First Place
-Two tickets to see New Moon at a theater near you. The tickets will be purchased after the winners are determined. They will be either mailed or ordered for pick-up at the winner's chosen theater.
-1st Place Banner will be made for the one-shot as well as for a story of the winner's choosing.
-A Twilight treat bag.
-Your one-shot featured on the Darkward's Dungeon
-As well, street creds as the winner of the contest.

Second Place
-2nd Place Banner made for the one-shot as well as for a story of the winner's choosing.
-A rec on Darkward's Dungeon
-A Twilight treat bag.

Third Place
-3rd Place Banner made for the one-shot
-A Twilight treat bag.


We will start accepting submissions September 15, 2009 PLEASE DO NOT PM US WITH ENTRIES BEFORE THIS DATE.
The contest will close October 10, 2009 at 11:59PM. (That's roughly a month from the start up date to write a one-shot and have it beta'd.)


Once you write your one-shot, PM us and let us know which story you're entering. We will read the one-shot to determine if it meets all requirements and if it does it will be archived into the C2. When the contest closes we will hold votes and the top ten from those rounds will move on to the next round where the judges will choose the top three winner.

All voting will closed to the public so that there are no biased votes.

See the FFn Profile here.


*Jasper Lurks*, *FF* & LJ.
Team Edward all the way!
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PostSubject: Re: Darkward Vampfic Contest   Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:01 pm

I definitely like the look of this one, but the 10k less maximum word count scares me in comparison to the other...hmm...
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Darkward Vampfic Contest
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